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Speaker’s Corner 21/04/13

hyde park 2013 119 hyde park 2013 124 hyde park 2013 118 hyde park 2013 126 hyde park 2013 132

Another trip to Hyde park corner on Sunday. Very busy with glorious weather and the London Marathon being run. Just used my iphone which was really weird as I normally  go weighed downed with my Nikon DSLR and Panasonic compact and about 4 different lenses. It was quite a liberating experience but one which needs a lot of practice using all the different apps available and trying to get the effects I want. I also do a lot of post processing so this was a little strange just posting straight out of my phone!! I loved the way you could get in amongst the crowds and no one minded me taking pictures another weird development. I think I will stick with it for a bit as I’m getting quite disillusioned  with all the DSLR stuff! I want to get back to enjoying photography and taking pictures that I like…. I’ll keep you posted!!

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London Visit

P1000615 (2)11            TIGHT SQUEEZE

Londan alley           LONDON PASSAG by craig poltock class1

NINE by craig poltock class1.jpg

Another Trip to London.Visited the Natural History Museum and took this image in the new section. Its a stark contrast to the old Victorian building. The second shot was Taken outside the National Portrait Gallery of a street entertainer, I called it Tight Squeeze !!. The third shot was taken just of Shadwell street near the Design Museum, and i was lucky enough to get the runner going through the arch. The forth shot was taken in south east London Underneath a railway bridge leading to the station. I liked the smoke rising from the generator and also managed to get a lady at the top going through the arch! The final shot was taken in St Pauls Cathedral Just as you go in on the left hand side and i loved the way the stairs formed the letter nine and the light coming through the window at the top. You could spend ten lifetimes and never even get to photograph a tenth of this City, there’s always something going on 24 hours a day and I don’t think I will ever tire of her.

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London Museum

iphone4 027

iphone4 030

Two shots taken outside the Museum of London on the site of the London wall in the city of London. Miserable day lots of rain and overcast skies, ( i love springtime!! ). Quite crowded as it was the last day of the Easter break. Taken on my iphone again using the hipstamatic app. The first picture was taken at the front of the Museum of a group of schoolkids passing by. I love the guy on the right staring straight at me!. the second pic was taken through the window where the Lord Mayors‘s Carriage is, the building is actually number one London Wall. Anyway great place to visit if your in the area, near Smithfields meat market also worth a look or Butcher’s hook for the cockney aficionados amongst you.

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Train Journey

Carriage tiphone4 015 iphone4 051 iphone4 055

Went up to Central London a few days ago and managed to get some shots on the train using my iphone and the hipstamatic app. Love this combo as you can get some great candid shots. Love the Lo-Fi images, I know “everybodies” doing it, but it does remind me of the old Eastern European film cameras of my youth with the wonderful light leaks and weird effects, besides i’m getting a bit bored with carting my Nikon and lenses with me and getting hostile vibes all the time.

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