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London Scenes

whitechapel, London docks 145            whitechapel, London docks 013

whitechapel, London docks 159

Two more Train shots and a grab shot near The Tower of London all taken on an iphone 4 using the hipstamatic app. I’m just trying out Hipstas new Oggl app which works a bit like Instagram where you are encouraged to post pics on to the site. Already some great shots on there, so it’s looking like it could take off !!

I like the shot of the boy with his mum as they were walking past especially as they were both looking my way. The two London Underground shots were taken at different ends of my journey. The first guy had a great hippy look and seemed miles away as did the second guy, who kind of reminds me of a stage actor, very cool !!

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Street Scenes

market.chorleywood 021    The first image was taken at a car boot sale in Buckinghamshire. There was a painting in the background and i liked the way it worked with the scene.

jack the ripper tour 023             iphone southall 004

Tha next two images were taken in Southall Middlesex. Both talen on my iphone and processed in snapseed which is a great app and where i do 90 percent of my editing.

Really getting in to the iphone now and enjoying my photography again. It’s a fun camera but can take serious pictures as well! The quality is remarkably good and i’ve regularly produced prints to A4 that are very clear. Not really getting into the arguments about “proper” photography and all that as i believe in doing stuff that makes you happy and not worrying about what other people think anymore. All i will say is if Henri Cartier Bresson was given the choice of camera available today i think he would have chosen an iphone over all the others out there as he was constantly trying to go about unnoticed and the iphone would have helped him achieve this.

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