Portraits from Speaker’s Corner

P1040211sml P1040245sml Speakers corner again! It really is a great place for interesting portraits as everybody is so animated and they don’t realise your even there. This guy’s there most Sundays and is always good value. I call the cowboy preacher. Shot with a Panasonic GF2 compact system camera fitted with the 45-175mm HD internal focussing lens, which gives the equivalent 90-350mm in old money! It’s a great lens for getting close as it stays the same length throughout it’s zoom range.Edited in Lightroom 4 and Photoshop CS4 using the silver efex pro filter which is fantastic.

P1040406sml P1040379sml Never seen this character before but he was so expressive you couldn’t not get a good shot!! Fortunately the day was overcast and I managed to get down low and shoot him against the white sky which I think helps the shot. Again edited in Lightroom 4 and CS4 (silver efex pro). They looked almost monochrome to start with so it was a no brainer to convert really.02 RESOLUTE by Craig Poltock class1.jpg P1040319sml The first image is a self portrait as I have trouble getting people to pose! I did a lot of work in photoshop and used the nik software plug in extensively. It did quite well in our first digital competition this year so I was pleased after all the work I did on it. The second image is another regular from Speaker’s corner having a heated debate. I might work on the surroundings a bit to get the overall atmosphere from there so maybe some crowd interaction pics next time I visit!


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