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Iphone edits, Oggl and shooting Underground

iphone Hi, Starting off with an image shot at a wedding a couple of years ago. I liked thwe sense of movement in the shot and decided to transfer over to my iphone and edit there. Then I posted it on Oggl, hipstamatic’s newish sharing site, which is great and my go to site for sharing as it tends to attract people into photography more than shappers!

iphone1 IMG_0705 I edited in photshop Cs4 first using silver efex pro, then transferred over to my Iphone and edited in snapseed to get the second image. Then over into Oggl where you can select any number of lens-film combos to get the effect you want. Here I used the Jane lens, big up film combo. I frequently mix and match images taken on my Nikon D90 and Panasonic GF2 along with those taken on my Iphone and love the different effects that can be achieved with a bit of iphone editing.

IMG_0103 iphone4 051 Another Great source of image material is Shooting on the underground network, there are always images just waiting to be captured and the Iphone is the perfect tool for doing it. I nearly always shoot using the Hipstamatic app and preload a film/lens combo beforehand. You can always change the effect later once you’ve transferred them over to Oggl and choose different combos! I love people shots and the different expressions and positions you can find especially on the Train after another hard day’s graft.

Sardines iphone4 015 So I urge you go on give it a go if nothing else you should have some fun and maybe one or two great images ready to be shared. Merry Xmas.

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