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Passing Strangers. Edit using iphone and apps

IMG_1738 Here’s another composite image Titled Passing strangers in which i’ll explain my editing process using only the iphone for capture and post processing. There’s five different images layered together here all taken on the iphone5. I used superimpose as my blending app although there are other great blending apps out there all doing a similar job. I also used snapseed to process the finished edit. This is my most used and favourite app, an extremely powerful ally in the iphoneography world!! Ok first lets start with the background image…4491286736_1d5732c83d_b You can convert this to a square in superimpose and then use as the background image. Next I imported my first foreground image of the two girls passing each other..IMG_1750 Using the transform tool I resize the image to match the background then using the mask tool I erased everthing except the two girls. You can magnify the image so it’s easier to use the brush.IMG_1717 IMG_1718 When finished you can see the foreground on top of the backgroud and using the transform tool you can resize to any dimension you require. I also blurred the edges of the two girl’s image to help blend in better.

IMG_1749 Once I was happy with this I merged the image together and imported my other images onto the background one by one using the same techniques as previously explained. I also used the blending options in superimpose to get the right look in the final image. IMG_1579 img_1547.jpg IMG_0635 This is the final image result in superimpose..IMG_1720 After saving all this to my camera roll I imported the image into snapseed and used tune image, details,grunge and selective adjust to get the finished image..IMG_1738 Hope I have explained all this clearly, just still getting to grips with some of this stuff myself. Please leave any comments below and thanks for looking..


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