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Creative Iphone edits

IMG_2736 Here’s some more iphone edits using superimpose to composite images together and a great app called handy photo, where you can apply some great textures. On this set of images I used handy photo to add a water texture (raindrops on a window pane). This first image is made up of five separate images all blended together in superimpose. The images were edited in snapseed first to sharpen, colourise etc. I also applied a filter in scratchcam (another fantastic app) before taking it through handy photo. These next images were treated in a similar way….

IMG_2637 IMG_2652

Both went through snapseed and superimpose as well. The first is made from two images and the second from six!! although the water effect is the same for both you can adjust it in handy photo, chose a different effect and even rotate it. This next image was one straight shot edited in snapseed and handy photo..

IMG_2741 Here’s two screenshots of handy photo and scratchcam…

IMG_2742     IMG_2743 Thanks for looking and as usual leave any comments below..cheers




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Snapseed and iphone editing

Hi, I thought I’d show you my favourite editing app today. Snapseed by Nik software. inc. Lots of online tutorials out there so I won’t go in to extensive details, but it’s worth having a look and explaining what effects I use mainly from this great app. When you first open up snapseed on your iphone you have the choice of taking an image and editing from the app or loading an image from your camera roll and editing from there on in. The latter is the option I always choose as I take my images either on the Hipstamatic app or Procamera 7, so I will start with an image loaded from the camera roll onto snapseed.

IMG_2670 IMG_2671

I will not choose Automatic normally as this just gives the apps choice of editing based on the info that it can read. My first port of call is usually Tune image. From here you can globally adjust the brightness, ambiance, contrast, saturation, shadows and warmth of your image.


Next step is usually Straighten and cropping. Straighten is great for Horizons and uneven shots and I will always straighten before cropping as you will lose some of the image depending on how uneven your shot is. Cropping is great, you can free crop or set a parameter like square or 3:2 etc to size your images as you want.

IMG_2674 IMG_2675 You can make all the adjustments using you fingertips and it’s very intuitive. There’s load of special effect filters to use in snapseed to give your images an extra dimension, I’ll start with Black & white.

IMG_2677 IMG_2678 You can adjust the Brightness, contrast and grain using this filter and you can also use one of there set filters like contrast, dark or film. There’s even a set of coloured filters to give your B&W images extra effects.

Two filters that I think are closely related are Drama and HDR. These can greatly influence your images but not always for the best so they do offer slider controls to tune them down, so you get loads of control..

IMG_2680 IMG_2681 The first image is the Drama screen where you can control the overall filter effect and the colour saturation. The second screen is for the HDR filter which gives you a couple more controls with smoothing and brightness.

Three filters which I usually use independently of  each other, (although not always!) are the Vintage, Grunge and Retrolux filters. Vintage adds a different style filter to your image and there are 9 styles each of which you can dial down with sliders for brightness, saturation, texture strength, centre size and style strength, so there’s loads of control.


Grunge can be really useful and give your images a totally different look, which you can also adjust via the sliders. There’s literally hundreds of different grunge effects…

IMG_2682 This image shows effect style 720 and the various sliders to effect that style.

Finally there’s Retrolux. This give various different light leak effects and 13 individual styles all of which are adjustable!!

IMG_2685 I don’t use this filter very often but occasionally it saves the day with a particular image..

Now here’s two of my favourite filter’s in snapseed, select adjust and details. Select adjust lets you select any area on your image and tune that area only with brightness, contrast and saturation..

IMG_2672 You can make that area of influence as large or as small as you want and you can even see the area as a red highlight on the screen. You can select multiple areas and if you run out just come out of the filter and go back in again….

IMG_2676 This filter is great as well and I normally use it toward the end of my editing work. It sharpens your images and you can also adjust the structure which defines the sharpening and looks great, especially in Mono.

The next two filters are Centre focus and Tilt + shift. Centre focus gives you a vignette effect which you can darken or give an old lens look too. You can also adjust the size of it and use the blur slider to increase or decrease the effect.

IMG_2683 IMG_2684 The tilt+shift filter give you a transitional fade top to bottom or left to right and can give some interesting looks to some images..

The final filter effect is Frames and this does what its says on the tin!. Loads of different frames which you can make bigger or smaller and even change the colour..

IMG_2686 IMG_2687 There’s 23 different frames to choose from, so plenty of choice…

Ok that’s my brief look at snapseed. It’s a great editing app, and it’s free!! so well worth a visit. I hope I’ve covered the main filters here as there’s so much to show, but as I said earlier theres some great video tutorials out there you can look at. Here’s a link for snapseed.. thanks for looking …


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Speaker’s corner, Hyde Park, London.

IMG_2118 smll sze Today I’m posting some portraits from a recent shoot in Hyde Park, London, at Speaker’s corner. This is a meeting place where anyone who wishes can stand on a soap box and talk about, argue, debate, incite just about anything they wish to. As you can imagine it can get quite heated with various religious/political viewpoints being extolled/trashed depending on your standpoint. But it makes for some great photo opportunities and I’m never disappointed when I go there. I normally take my panasonic GF2 with a 14mm pancake and a 45-175mm zoom lens. I also always take my iphone5 for plenty of candid/street shots. Here’s some of my images from there.

IMG_2078 P1040270 P1040402-white P1040245sml

As you can see plenty of animated characters. There’s always an argument going on somewhere and plenty of crowd participation as well…

DSC_0034-bw DSC_0202 (2) DSC_0343

So if your ever in London on a Sunday you could do a lot worse than Speaker’s corner for some great and unique photo oppotunities..Thanks for looking..


DSC_0024-2 DSC_0040

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Distressed FX

Hi, I thought I’d share with you one of my favourite texture apps today, namely Distressed fx by Cheryl Tarrant. It is alongside Mextures my go to app when I’m applying textures to an image. Here’s a link to their website where you can follow some great demo’s loaded up there, Like most creative apps there’s lots of control here so you can be as bold or as subtle as you like. I shoot most of my images on the Iphone5 using either Camera pro or Hipstamatic apps before deciding whether or not to invest in some further editing. My go to apps are Snapseed for cropping, sharpening and various other editing tools, superimpose for composing images and special effects and distressed fx for added various textures to my images.

IMG_2477 This is the Home screen when you first start the app up. You can then import any of your images into the app and apply numerous filters to it, controlling the intensity and look of the image. I’ve loaded an image to give you a quick idea of how your pictures can be affected. This is how the image was before any editing, it was taken using the hipsatmatic app with the Lowy lens robusta film combo.

IMG_2340 I then loaded the image into Distressed fx and applied one of it’s filter, in this case the Charm filter which happens to be one of my favourites..

IMG_2478 You can see the overlaid texture here which you can adjust using the sliders on the screen, which you bring up by toching the Level tab on the bottom right side of the image. You have a contrast, brightness and colour slider which you use in combination to get the look you’re after, and there’s over 40 different precepts. One of my other favourites is the Birds filter which lets you insert different numbers of birds in flight….

IMG_2479 You also have an HDR effect filter in colour and B&W!! All this and for only £0.69 from the itunes store Give it a go as it can really make a difference to your images..




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Hipstamatic image editing and sharing in Oggl.

Decided to have a day trip to Portland, Dorset yesterday and get some more images just using the Hipstamatic app and the Yoona-blanko bl4 combo. First of all headed to Chesil beach which is a famous shingle barrier beach which is part of Dorset’s Jurassic coastline. Took Loads of images and selected a few to share on Oggl after minor editing using the Snapseed app. Moved further up the beach towards the Portland end for some more image making after that. I will show you some of my images as well as a work though of my Snapseed editing process in the next few pictures starting with two images of the beach…

IMG_2475 IMG_2474

Then some street images from along the Beach front….

IMG_2450 IMG_2455 IMG_2460

This next image was taken with hipstamatic and edited with snapseed and i’ve added some pictures of my workflow with it..

IMG_2463  Original image brought into snapseed.. My first task was to straighten and crop….

IMG_2465 IMG_2466  Then I sharpened and tuned the image for the effect I wanted…

IMG_2464 I added a very subtle HDR effect. It’s really useful that you can dial down the strength of all the effects to get the right feel for your images.. 

IMG_2467 Finally I added a slight blur around the image and a white grunge border to finish off..

IMG_2469 IMG_2468   Here’s my final image along with another slightly different effect.. 



Finally I shared all my finished Images on the Oggl and Instagram photosharing sites…Thanks for reading and please leave any comments below…..


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Hipstamatic Images and Iphone editing

IMG_5145 IMG_5146 IMG_2231 Went to the Victoria and Albert museum in London last week and decided to just use the hipstamatic app with the Yoona lens and blanko BL4 film for my images. This combo gives a great retro vintage look. It was quite dark in places but the images turned out ok, and only needed minimal editing. Main editing app used was Snapseed to adjust the brightness, contrast etc, add some blur to the edges and put a border around to finish off.

IMG_2128 IMG_2122 Here’s some more blended images that were made up of three other images and melded together in my favourite blending app, Superimpose. Here’s the three images that I used…

IMG_2069 IMG_2121 IMG_2108 The first blended image is actually made up of only the second two images, and processed in snapseed, superimpose, distressed fx and scratchcam. The second image is made up of all three images and processed in the same applications as the previous image.

IMG_1961 IMG_1974 IMG_1903 IMG_1918 I frequently use the same images for different composite creations as you can see in the next three images…

IMG_2028 IMG_2034 IMG_1989 It never ceases to amaze me the number of different effects and textures you can achieve on the iphone using just a few different apps. All my images here were put together just on the iphone as I don’t own an ipad, so it goes to show that it can be done and it’s great fun!!  Take a look at some of the images on this website to see what can be achieved. They are some truly amazing shots here by some fantastic artists. Thanks for Looking..

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