Creative Iphone edits

IMG_2736 Here’s some more iphone edits using superimpose to composite images together and a great app called handy photo, where you can apply some great textures. On this set of images I used handy photo to add a water texture (raindrops on a window pane). This first image is made up of five separate images all blended together in superimpose. The images were edited in snapseed first to sharpen, colourise etc. I also applied a filter in scratchcam (another fantastic app) before taking it through handy photo. These next images were treated in a similar way….

IMG_2637 IMG_2652

Both went through snapseed and superimpose as well. The first is made from two images and the second from six!! although the water effect is the same for both you can adjust it in handy photo, chose a different effect and even rotate it. This next image was one straight shot edited in snapseed and handy photo..

IMG_2741 Here’s two screenshots of handy photo and scratchcam…

IMG_2742     IMG_2743 Thanks for looking and as usual leave any comments below..cheers




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13 thoughts on “Creative Iphone edits

  1. Thank you for telling about Snapseed. I downloaded it and have been testing it for a while and it’s really a fun and useful tool.
    I’ve tested some different photo editing apps this last week, some good and some bad, this is surely one of the good. 🙂

    • No problem Ninna, it’s certainly one of my all time top 5 iphone apps..

      • I’m very fond of PixlrExpress+ as well, many layers and frames to choose from and also tools for writing.
        One thing though. You can’t always get the same up for the Mac as for the iPhone/iPad. 😦

      • I’ve not used pixlrexpress+ will have to give it a go thanks. I know but i normally do all my edits on the iphone so haven’t experienced that problem as much..

      • XD I almost always take my photos with the iPhone, but since I bought the iPad I prefer to do the editing on that. Bigger screen…

      • Yeah, as i’m getting older I think I might have to invest in one too as my eyes are not as keen as they once

      • Exactly! XD XD XD
        I actually bought it so I wouldnt have to take my Mac (MacBookPro 13 inch) with me all the time, but I soon realized it was very handy in many other ways as well.

      • Will definitely put it on my must have list…..

      • By the way! I never told you I enjoy your pictures very much! 🙂

      • Thank you very much…

  2. Great photos and edits. 😀

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