Editing and Blending techniques on the Iphone5.

I thought I’d share with you today my work through for an image that was kindly featured in Theappwhisperer’s website on their flickr showcase last week. Thanks Joanne for the inclusion alongside some really stunning work by some very talented people, here’s a link if anyone is interested. http://theappwhisperer.com/2014/04/27/flickr-group-showcase-%E2%80%93-theappwhisperer-taw-%E2%80%93-april-27-2014/. 

The image is titled Echoes and is part of a series I’m attempting to work on based on an idea of  walls and buildings having memories and what they would see. Here’s the final image.

IMG_2728 There’s basically six images blended together here. I only used three apps to edit these images together. Snapseed, Scratchcam and Superimpose. I started off with the background, an empty shopping unit with the picture taken through the window..

IMG_2668 I edited this in Snapseed to adjust the contrast brightness and cropping, I also used the vintage section to add a green colour tint and some scratches. Then I saved to my camera roll and reopened as the background image in Superimpose.

IMG_2921 I then import the other images as foreground images onto the superimpose screen one at a time as you can only blend individually…

IMG_2922 IMG_2923 There’s a transform tool to Position the top image and you can invert or turn the image as well. I then enter the mask mode where you can choose a brush and start to erase parts of the image as you require. There’s also an erase tool and a magic wand as well as a couple of other editing tools so editing can be very precise. The best part for me is you can expand or zoom in on an image for precise fine tuning….

IMG_2924 When you have finished with each image you can position them onto the background and blend them through a number of blending modes. I chose normal blending to make the images a slightly see through ghostly look. You can also save each edited mask into a library which is great if you need to use them again.. Here’s the other images I used in the final image..

IMG_2640 IMG_5076  IMG_1593IMG_2719 The last image is actually a painting by my wife which I resized to look like a Picture on the wall!!

After blending all the images onto the background I saved the image to my camera roll and opened the image in Scratchcam which is a brilliant app for added Textures, grunge and scratches. There I played around for a bit before settling on the final look before saving to the camera roll..

IMG_2723 Finally I opened the image in Snapseed to tune slightly before adding a slight blur around the edges and a border to get the finished result….Echoes

IMG_2728 I hope this has helped anyone interested in this kind of Iphone editing and maybe it has even inspired you to have a go which would be great..Thanks for looking..


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13 thoughts on “Editing and Blending techniques on the Iphone5.

  1. I have been inspired by your work and thank you for sharing this with us. Great work. 😀

  2. Thanks for sharing your workflow. This is awesome and it has inspired me to have another go at using superimpose. Thanks again

  3. Reblogged this on blogagaini and commented:
    Here’s another post by Craig Poltock I want to share. This one is on editing and blending on an iPhone5.

  4. I love your finished image and appreciate so much your walking through the process. Today I will be experimenting.

  5. Well done and thanks for the step-by-step instructions. Engaging results.

  6. What a treat, seeing your process in detail. I use the discontinued Phitoforge2 to create photomontages in a similar fashion. I know one day that app will no longer function, so I’m encouraged by the potential of Superimpose, as you have expertly demonstrated. Thanks for sharing all these steps. Great final image, as well!

    • Thanks very much. I have photoforge 2 as well and it’s great. I tend to use snapseed and superimpose now for most work..

  7. Louise Fryer

    This is great, I’d love to do more of this style of work.

    • Thanks Louise. This is mostly done in superimpose and scratchcam, with some editing in snapseed. I’m finding it great fun!!

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