Iphone editing on fuji x20 images.

Hi, just got back from a week in Wales which was great and it only rained once! Took my iphone5 and my fuji x20 and got some great shots. Just beginning to get to grips with the fuji and I’m quite pleased with the results. I always used to shoot raw but I’m finding that the jpegs straight from the camera are great. I’m also editing all my images on the iphone and the results are good. These shots were taken in Brick lane London on the fuji and edited on my iphone5 when I got back.. IMG_4034 IMG_4044 IMG_4039 IMG_4038 I used some of my favorite apps to edit namely Snapseed, Scratchcam and Filmnoir. I used the HDR filter in snapseed to bring out some details and then dialed it down to about 25-30%. My next image is of my son Callum taken against bright sunlight in Wales. I used a black and white filter on the fuji and spot metered of his face. I then adjusted in Lightroom and copied into my iphone to play with some filters, I quite like the results.DSCF6309 DSCF6309-21 The first image is the original straight from the camera, the second is after it went through lightroom. The next image is post iphone editing using snapseed, filmnoir, icolorama and scratchcam. cal (2)  

The next picture was taken at the same time, here’s the original..

DSCF6308 After some minor tweaks in Lightroom I imported to the iphone and edited in this order..snapseed, filmnoir , scratchcam and snapseed again..

IMG_4738 IMG_4739  IMG_4740 And here’s the final version.

IMG_4737 I prefer the first image but my wife likes this one best… All in all it took about 20-30 minutes per image so not bad or nearly as long as photoshop.

Thanks again for looking and please comment..

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12 thoughts on “Iphone editing on fuji x20 images.

  1. Fantastic images-especially the top left, where it looks as if the person is walking into a maelstrom of paint, light and shadow-
    and again, thank you for walking through the process with the portrait of your son-I especially liked the first one where he is looking down a bit-what I am wondering is if you are losing a lot of pixels with the editing?

    • Hi, thanks for the comments. You do lose some pixels with certain apps but i use an app called resize where you can reinstate them with little loss. Many apps allow you to edit without any loss!!

  2. They are georgous! I just keep on looking!

    How do you make those screen pics? I recently made one by mistake on my iPad and I have absolutely no idea of how I did it!

    • Thank you. On the phone if you press the sleep/wake button on top of phone and the home button together it takes a pic.
      here’s a link for the ipad.http://www.wikihow.com/Take-a-Screenshot-With-an-iPad

      • 😀 Thank you SO much! This is fun! And can be very handy many times as it is when one works with the Mac. But it takes quite some time before knowing all

        It seems always to be the same functions on iPad and iPhone. At least I havn’t found any differences so far.

        And I was looking for the rigth word there. Screenshot… thanks!

      • No worries…:o)

      • Thank you also for the link to Wikihow. Might also be handy now and then. >:D

  3. I liked how you processed your son’s portraits. The results are sort of magical.

  4. Great article and lovely edits! I’m the editor of “Street Photography Magazine.” Was wondering if you might be interested in publishing a similar article in our magazine? If you would be, please get in touch. All the best!

    • Hi Ashley, Thanks for your feedback. I would love to contribute an article to your magazine. Look forwards to hearing from you. Thanks Craig

  5. Hi Ashley, sorry I didn’t leave an email address if that would be easier to communicate. Its craigpoltock@hotmail.com. Regards Craig.

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