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Speaker’s corner, Hyde Park, London.

IMG_2118 smll sze Today I’m posting some portraits from a recent shoot in Hyde Park, London, at Speaker’s corner. This is a meeting place where anyone who wishes can stand on a soap box and talk about, argue, debate, incite just about anything they wish to. As you can imagine it can get quite heated with various religious/political viewpoints being extolled/trashed depending on your standpoint. But it makes for some great photo opportunities and I’m never disappointed when I go there. I normally take my panasonic GF2 with a 14mm pancake and a 45-175mm zoom lens. I also always take my iphone5 for plenty of candid/street shots. Here’s some of my images from there.

IMG_2078 P1040270 P1040402-white P1040245sml

As you can see plenty of animated characters. There’s always an argument going on somewhere and plenty of crowd participation as well…

DSC_0034-bw DSC_0202 (2) DSC_0343

So if your ever in London on a Sunday you could do a lot worse than Speaker’s corner for some great and unique photo oppotunities..Thanks for looking..


DSC_0024-2 DSC_0040

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Portraits from Speaker’s Corner

P1040211sml P1040245sml Speakers corner again! It really is a great place for interesting portraits as everybody is so animated and they don’t realise your even there. This guy’s there most Sundays and is always good value. I call the cowboy preacher. Shot with a Panasonic GF2 compact system camera fitted with the 45-175mm HD internal focussing lens, which gives the equivalent 90-350mm in old money! It’s a great lens for getting close as it stays the same length throughout it’s zoom range.Edited in Lightroom 4 and Photoshop CS4 using the silver efex pro filter which is fantastic.

P1040406sml P1040379sml Never seen this character before but he was so expressive you couldn’t not get a good shot!! Fortunately the day was overcast and I managed to get down low and shoot him against the white sky which I think helps the shot. Again edited in Lightroom 4 and CS4 (silver efex pro). They looked almost monochrome to start with so it was a no brainer to convert really.02 RESOLUTE by Craig Poltock class1.jpg P1040319sml The first image is a self portrait as I have trouble getting people to pose! I did a lot of work in photoshop and used the nik software plug in extensively. It did quite well in our first digital competition this year so I was pleased after all the work I did on it. The second image is another regular from Speaker’s corner having a heated debate. I might work on the surroundings a bit to get the overall atmosphere from there so maybe some crowd interaction pics next time I visit!


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Speaker’s Corner

IMG_3433 IMG_3435Visited Speaker’s corner on Sunday for the first time without my Nikon D90. Had my trusty Panasonic GF2 and of course my iphone and managed to capture a few good shots. The first was taken on the iphone using the  Hipstamatic camera app, it was taken without the subject being aware and I love the way he’s totally in his own world with his Cigarette. The Second shot was actually taken on my GF2 and then processed to look like an old Hipstamatic like shot!! go figure.


P1030623pc P1030663pc lady sp 2013pcThe next three shots were all taken with the GF2 with only minor adjustments made in Lightroom 4. All were taken with the 45-175 panasonic lumix G X lens which features an internal zoom mechanism so the actual length of the lens stays the same throughout it’s zoom. It seems to be quite sharp and gives the equivalent 35mm range of 90-350mm which is pretty impressive!.

IMG_3200 IMG_3206 IMG_3405Finally Three more heavily processed iphone shots. The first taken at Milton, near Bournemouth uk was originally shot as two images light and dark and then merged in the HDR pro app. I then processed and tuned some more using snapseed before adding some distressed effects (and birds!! ) in the Distressed FX and Mextures apps. The second was taken at Buckinghamshire Golf course and processed with snapseed, distressed FX, mextures and Lenslight (for the large Moon). The final image was taken at Marble Arch London, It was cropped and processed mainly in Snapseed and finished in the  Noir app. “Have fun and enjoy life, we may not pass this way again” is my motto of the week..:0)..Bye

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Iphone editing apps

IMG_3196 IMG_3213I’ve been messing around with some different apps recently and have enjoyed some of the effects they have produced. Distressed FX and Mextures allow for some great textures and grunge effects, even allowing the placement of some Birds!! The great thing about this is that you can develop an image way beyond it’s humble low megapixel output, even enough for some great print quality. I’m not really interested in the is it proper photography or not debate and will avoid all arguments from either side, all I know is that I like the way my images are turning out and am enjoying the photographic process again after becoming a bit disillusioned with it all from the not too distant past. I have used all different types of cameras from 110 film compacts, polaroids and film SLR’s right through to Digital SLR’s and compact cameras and have printed my own images in the dark room and on computer since the late 1970’s. All I know is that you have to like your images before anyone else will and there is never a right or wrong way, so do what makes you happy and gives you enjoyment. I’m off to Speaker’s corner again Tomorrow, with my iphone and panasonic GF2 and hope to capture some good images..wish me luck :o).

IMG_3201 IMG_3202The first image is of a tree in snow, taken with a DSLR camera and processed on the iphone. The second was taken with the iphone on a Beach near Poole in Dorset UK. It was developed on the iphone using Distressed FX , Mextures and snapseed. The third image was again taken near Poole and the Forth  at Buckinghamshire Golf Club UK. They both had the same iphone post processing carried out on them. 

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Speaker’s corner and a Sunrise adventure!!

IMG_0178IMG_0218 Saw this character at Speaker’s corner a few weeks ago. He wasn’t part of the usual retinue of speakers but I have seen him there a few times and managed to capture him joining in some of the debates!!

IMG_1904 IMG_2494 IMG_2504  Something quite rare for me, colour and landscape!! I decided for some unknown reason (other than to say I did it :O) to get up at 5am on a Sunday morning and attempt to capture a sunrise. The second and third images are from then and the first was tken a little bit later in the day. I’ve decided to post them because I took them and processed them all on my iphone. I  took multiple shots at different exposures and stitched them all together using an autostitch app. I processed them first using pro HDR and did most of my editing using snapseed. I also played around with some filter apps as well. I quite like the effects and although not the same quality as my DSLR I enjoyed the process more!

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Speaker’s Corner 21/04/13

hyde park 2013 119 hyde park 2013 124 hyde park 2013 118 hyde park 2013 126 hyde park 2013 132

Another trip to Hyde park corner on Sunday. Very busy with glorious weather and the London Marathon being run. Just used my iphone which was really weird as I normally  go weighed downed with my Nikon DSLR and Panasonic compact and about 4 different lenses. It was quite a liberating experience but one which needs a lot of practice using all the different apps available and trying to get the effects I want. I also do a lot of post processing so this was a little strange just posting straight out of my phone!! I loved the way you could get in amongst the crowds and no one minded me taking pictures another weird development. I think I will stick with it for a bit as I’m getting quite disillusioned  with all the DSLR stuff! I want to get back to enjoying photography and taking pictures that I like…. I’ll keep you posted!!

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