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Passing Time Iphone image Edit.

Here’s another image that I decided to create from Five separate images off my iphone. All the editing was created on my iphone as well using a number of different apps, namely Snapseed, superimpose, distressed fx, mextures and scratchcam. To begin with I needed a background…..

IMG_1508 Plain grey with a bit of texture, a plain old wall! IMG_1510 IMG_1511 IMG_0635 IMG_1512 These were the four main ingredients to my image, a picture of snow drops, a clock from my kitchen, a spinning girl from a wedding and a street shot of some people walking past me in London’s Hyde Park. The next step(s) was to import into superimpose separately and work on each image until I was happy with the final result.

IMG_1695 This is a screenshot from superimpose with the background grey wall and foreground Snow drop being worked on. You can mask the foreground and then erase any of the image you want before using the transform to scale and position on to the background image and using the blending mode to finish. I then saved each mask until I had my final image.

IMG_1516 I then tweaked a bit in Snapseed before running the image through distressed fx and mextures. I finished the image in Scratchcam.

IMG_1515 IMG_1517 IMG_1518 IMG_1519 This is great fun and fairly easy to do with a bit of practice and can give your creative side a boost. I take pictures of lots of backgrounds and objects lying about with the intention of creating single images from them. Please leave your comments below and of course any questions about my techniques. Thank you.

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